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December Sightings

31st December – (MR,LI)

2 Great White Egret – flew from Bull Hole to North side of Mere
1 Black-throated Diver – picked up off Hermitage field from 2nd field, flew off high west 11:20
1 fem Common Scoter – off Jetties
1 Redpoll over West end

26th December – (LI)

fem Common Scoter
fem Velvet Scoter
2 fem Scaup
Long-tailed Duck
2 Egyptian Geese
No sign of Grey Phalarope, but Kirkholme Point shut till New Year

25th December – (LI)

Grey Phalarope in pm

22nd December – (LI)

8 Scaup (inc 1 drk + 1w drk)
Slavonian Grebe
Common Scoter
2 Great White Egret
2w Caspian Gull rptd in roost (SR)

20th December – (MR,AJ,TI)

Grey Phalarope – showing well off KP early aft
2 Great White Egret from KP
Velvet Scoter on north side of Mere from 2nd field
Long-tailed Duck off KP late morning



Great White Egrets - Ade Johnson

Great White Egrets – Ade Johnson

photo 1-18

photo 2-18

photo 3-13

20th December – early am Pat Haven

1 Ivory Gull

photo 4-7

16th December – Pat Haven

Ivory Gull - Ade Johnson

Ivory Gull – Ade Johnson


14th December – (LI)

Grey Phalarope
1+ Great White Egret
Long-tailed Duck
Peregrine on Swan Island

13th December – (MR)

Grey Phalarope off Tree Island early aft
Long-tailed Duck off 1st field
1+ Great White Egret
Ad Med Gull
4+ Scaup
Velvet Scoter reported

12th December – (MR,RL,EH)

Grey Phalarope reported briefly in afternoon
2 Great White Egret
Velvet Scoter
Long-tailed Duck

11th December – (LI,RW,RL)

2w Kumlien’s Gull in the roost from 16:00 off 2nd field
Velvet Scoter
2+ Scaup
Grey Phalarope off KP (pics Rich Willison)







10th December – pm – (CH,TI,GT,MR,MJ,IJ,AH)

A Grey Phalarope picked up early aft by visiting York birder Chris Harris present and showing well off KP till 15:30 at least
photo 1-19

photo 2-19

photo 3-14


Velvet Scoter also off KP early aft (2nd Mere record this year)

1 Great White Egret off KP
1 Long-tailed Duck off KP

8th December – pm (MR,LI)

7+ Scaup
drk Goosander
Ad Med Gull
6 Whooper Swan (2ads, 4juvs)
2 Great White Egret

5th December – (LI,RL,EH)

1 fem/imm Velvet Scoter
1 fem Goosander
1 Great White Egret
2 Egyptian Goose

4th December – (MR,AJ,BMJ,LI)

2w Kumliens Gull from 15:10 till dusk from 2nd field
1w Med Gull
2 Great White Egret
2 Common Buzzard
1 Shelduck
4 Scaup
1 Egyptian Goose
photo 4-7

photo 3-13


1 Snow Bunting
3 Stonechat
dead Porpoise on beach
photo 1-18

photo 2-18

3rd December – (TI)

2 Great White Egret from KP
1w Med Gull
1 Chiffchaff