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More Mere pics from Feb

Some more pics of recent Mere highlights from the past month, Iceland Gull,  Glaucous Gull, and the 18 strong Bean Geese flock containing the is it, isn’t it, probably is, it is, no it int, not sure, course it is Taiga Bean. All pics barring the Iceland taken by Ade Johnson.


27th/28th Feb

Sightings on the 27th on a cold wet day at the Mere, highlight being the 18 Whooper Swans (16 Ads and 2 juvs) picked up off Heslops early afternoon.

17 of the 18 Whoopers on Mere

 The adult Lesser Black Backed Gull was off KP late morning, 2 Oystercatcher on KP, 2 Shelduck, 1 Marsh Harrier and 4 Pink footed geese in the field just north of the hide.  

28th Feb – 1 Drk Goosander off hide, 1 Ad Whooper off hide, 4 Pink feet in sheep field next to hide, 4 Siskin and 2 Treecreeper by hide.

Finally a pic of the Chiff first picked up on call by the hide 22nd Jan and again 26th, and finally seen on the 29th/30th by the hide carpark roadside verge.

Mere Chiff


Some stuff we’ve had lately


Iceland Gull - Adrian Johnson

 Just a quick post as me new routers playing up and me computers got more viruses than Tones Freddie Mercurys underpants. In a period when the jetties at the Mere seem to have turned into Billys Kegs in Ireland (or is it Killybegs) with at least 4 different white wingers seen in the last 4 weeks or so. These two are still knocking around, the Iceland was still around at least upto yday (23/2) and the Glauc still on the jetties today (24/2). They come and go as they like but if you aint caught up with any white wingers yet, early afternoon at the Mere is a good bet to score at the minute. Other birds around are a couple of Oystercatcher and the first LBB Gull of the year(23/2) usually around Swan/Tree island off Kirkholme.

Glaucous Gull – Adrian Johnson