5th-27th May

27th May – (TM)

5 Common Sands – KP

20th May – (MR)

9 Arctic Tern north thru Mere
drk RCP
Ringed Plover at Bewholme

19th May – (LI)

3 Common Sands
2 Egyptian Goose
drk RCP

18th May – (LI)

2 Little Gull
2 Common Sands

16th May – (LI,MR)

7 Turnstone KP in early am
1 Hobby thru KP in am
Sandwich Tern thru Mere in am
Cuckoo 1st field
2 Hobby over Mere
1 Greenshank north over Mere
2 Egyptian Goose Swan Island
1st sum Little Gull

15th May (LI,MR,TM)

3 Goldeneye
7 Pochard
2 Common Sand KP/Swan Island
1 Redshank KP
2 Dunlin
1st sum Little Gull
7+ Yellow Wagtail KP/2nd field
1 Grey-headed Wagtail KP briefly early aft (TI)

14th May – (LB)

Osprey over East End of Mere then north early aft

13th May – (LI)

Pair Mandarin Duck off 2nd field

12th May – (MR,GT)

3 Hobby
Good no’s Swifts & hirundines

11th May – (LI)

Drk Garganey off Swan Island in am
3 Egyptian Goose Swan Island
2 Arctic Tern
1 Little Gull
10 Yellow Wagtail
2 White Wagtail

10th May – (MR)

4 Yellow Wagtail KP
2 White Wagtail
Garganey (GB)

9th May – (LI)

Drk Garganey off Swan Island

8th May – (LI)

5 Common Sand off 2nd field
11 Yellow Wagtail

5th May – (LI,TM)

Drk Garganey
2 Black-necked Grebe
8 Yellow Wagtail
1 White Wagtail KP
3 Whimbrel
1 Arctic Tern west late pm
Common Sand

Garganey - T Martin

Garganey – T Martin

Garganey - T Martin

Garganey – T Martin


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