9th-18th Dec

18th Dec 09:00-11:30 – (MR)

Chiffchaff 3 west end/channel reedbed

27 Redwing west

41 Fieldfare west

1 Woodcock west end/Decoy

Barn Owl, 1 Common Buzzard

10 Bewick’s Swan (5 ads, 5 juvs) West Carlton floods till 13:30, c150 Pink feet over.

17th Dec (MR)

14 Fieldfare north

Chiffchaff 2 west end/channel reedbed

Fem Pintail west end

3+ Water Rail and many calling

10 Bullfinch Heslop’s (M Jackson)

11th Dec (MR)

4 Chiffchaff west end/channel reedbed

Tawny Owl roosting bird in Heslop’s

8 Bullfinch Heslop’s

9th Dec (MR)

Velvet scoter fem west end/Decoy channel

3 fem Common Scoter, 2 Chiffchaff, fem Pintail

Bewicks - distant

Bewicks – distant

Bewicks - West Carlton

Bewicks – West Carlton

Tawny Owl - Heslop's

Tawny Owl – Heslop’s

Finally some much better pics of the West Carlton Bewick’s Swans by Ade Johnson



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