May 11th,15th,16th,17th,19th

11th May 09:00-17:00 (MR,LI,TM,SN)

A cracking days birding at the Mere was mostly done by the boathouse, as a baltic NNW wind cut thru the Mere with intermittent light showers. Against the backdrop and scanning thru of many thousands of hirundines and Swifts, birds noted were 3 Black necked Grebes, 2 RCP’s (drk + fem), 1 LRP, 4 Wheatear KP, 3 Little Gull (1st summers), 1 Arctic Tern, 1 Arctic Skua dark morph (east over KP/east end Mere), 1 Hobby, 1 Short-eared Owl and 2 Common sands.

Wheatears – Jon Smith

15th May – (MR) – 2 Black necked Grebe, 2 RCP’s, 1 Egyptian Goose. Highlight however was the Turtle Dove found in Wassand by local residents Ray and Shirley.

Turtle Dove in Wassand

16th May (MR,LI) – am, 1 Dunlin, 2 RCP, 4 Common Sand, 3 Little Gull, pm 3 RCP’s (drk + 2 fems), 5 Little Gull, 3 Common Sand, 1 Dunlin, 1 Hobby and 2 White wags.

17th (MR,LI) – 5 Little Gull, 2 Black necked Grebe, 3 RCP’s, 4 Common Sand.

18th (MR) – 3 RCP’s, 2 Common Sand, Dunlin. Bewholme 3 Common Sand.

19th (TM,MR,LI) – 2 Arctic Tern thru east, 1 Common Tern, 3 Little Gull, Dunlin, 2 Common Sand. A late afternoon scan of hirundines was cut short enabling MR,LI and MJ to score with the Flamborough Citrine Wagtail early evening.


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