14th Dec – Kowa-bunga


Around 70 Whitefronts off 1st field just after 10am, but only gave em a brief scan as the wind was vicious. A scan from some relatively more sheltered areas from 2nd field only produced 1 drk Pintail of note. A walk to the west end produced little, just Reed Bunts and the Barney flock. Nowt much doin so went for Fish n Chips. After a belly full, got back down Mere for the gull roost which in all respects i want looking forward to as the light was shite, and my old Kowa scope is basically fucked.

Fortuneately Tag Heuer/Brazzers.com East Riding sales rep turned up with his Kowa 883, 30wide/zoom combo. Now i’ve had a butchers thru one of these at the Birdfair with the zoom on and was well impressed, but with the 30wide its a proper sex case. Bright and a wide field of view and sharp as fuck. I’m in the market for a new scope and was looking at spending £1500 tops, but after a look thru that i’m gonna have to find another £700 and get the big Kowa.

 The only thing of note tho in the gull roost was an Ad Med Gull (YL), 118 Whitefronts, 1 Tundra Bean late afternoon (SW).


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