4th Dec – 5 Grebes, Geese, Duck and a Fanny Magnet

4th Dec – pretty much all day covered between (LI, MR, MJ, SW, YL)

Last years entry for the notebook dated 4th Dec 2010, simply read “Mere – No Birds, balls deep in snow”. Thankfully theres none of the white stuff yet and todays notes are pretty tasty reading (well for the Merebirders at least). The day started with a Long-tailed duck off Kirkholme point/1st field (another year tick) which showed till around 12ish at least. Slav Grebe off Swan island and Black necked Grebe off 1st field both still knocking around, a hunkered down Red necked Grebe was then found around late morning keeping tight to the east end reed fringe. Numerous Great crests and Little grebes off Heslop’s meant for the first time we can recall, a 5 grebe species haul could be had. 17 Pink feet cut out south late morning, Mike Jackson picked up 12 Adult Whoopers at the west end, with another 8 Whoopers with a single Bewick’s swan south mid afternoon. A Tundra Bean Goose was then picked up over the west end keeping company with 23 more Pink feet and appeared to head off in the direction of Bewholme. 5 Jay’s Decoy wood, Kngfisher west end and another 44 Pink feet over 2nd field, and a Peregrine again on the spit kept the day list going. Steve Webb also dropped down the Mere with counts of 121 Pink feet, 1 Bean goose, 20 Whoopers and a Bewick’s swan. The fanny magnet accolade tho goes to the mint Royal Blue V-12 Jag E-Type which i tailed on the way home, just fucking ace!!!


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