17th Nov

17th Nov 09:30-14:30

After a 12 hour night shift at work and being up since half 3 yday afternoon i should of really gone straight to bed, but the previous couple of days reports from the Mere theres been some new birds in, namely 3 Bean geese and a Black necked Grebe. We’ve got a half decent Mere year list goin and Beans arent on it yet, so i jumped in the car and went straight to the butty shop!!  After a fill i got to 1st field and a scan showed a bit of stuff on Mere but it wa a bit murky, so i figured to get down past Heslop’s for a goosey at some geese and work my way back hoping it would brighten up. Anyways gets down there and no geese apart from the Barney flock, bollocks. The only birds i ‘d really noted where an odd few Redwing passing over and a few Blackbirds i’d been booting up as i walked along. As i got upto the west end of Heslop’s summat started ‘chakking’ in with the Blackies close by and then it got up bout 20 yards further along, Ring Ouzel! Alright not exactly a Mega but a Mere scarcity and a Mere year tick to boot, and a late one at that, Happy Days!! A quick call to Lee who’d just picked up on 3 RB Merganser off 2nd field, and the Ouzel showed on and off in the murk for most of the morning, giving plenty of time to get some shit pics. The walk back to 2nd field by which time it brightened up, produced the Slav and Black necked grebe, the 3 Mergs, 8 Scaup, Goosander and 38 White fronts on the Mere. The Ouzel pics are fuckin shite, but its a Ring Ouzel at the Mere in mid November so i’m sticking it up there!


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