12th Nov

8th Nov 08:00-12:45

Light SSE veering SW late morning. A belting few hours down Mere today started off with 8 Whoopers flying out SW over the southside. 3 Scaup off 1st field and a Brambling over. The Slav Grebe picked up off 2nd field between buoys 4 and 7 and pretty much in the same area till 12ish at least. 3 Pintail (2 Drks/1fem/imm), 2 Goosander (ad + imm) also. A steady passage of Lapwing south all morning involved a minimum 1900 birds. 190 Golden Plover also south, 1 Dunlin over Mere, 1 Snipe Decoy, 2 Curlew south. Goose wise no sign of the 21 White-fronts from yday (S.Webb), but 15 Eurasian White-fronts dropped in off 1st field mid morning followed by another 10 in just after 11am on Mere with another 5 Barney’s (94). Juv Peregrine taking a bath on the spit off Swan Island was then seen toying with a large bat sp. (prob noctule) off KP 12.30ish. 1 Marsh Harrier again various points of Mere, Water Rail, odd Redwing and Fieldfare.

Scaup - Adrian Johnson


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