9th/10th Nov

9th Nov 09:00-13:30

Light SSE. Birding started from 1st field on the Southside 9’ish doin the full Southside, West end, Decoy and Wassand woods. Birds: 2 Whooper Swan on Mere off 1st field, 1w Scaup (later joined with 2nd bird), Water Rail 1st field reededge, Kingfisher. The hedgerows/woods around West end/Decoy held some birds with 140+Redwing, 26 Fieldfare, and plenty of Blackbirds, Song Thrush, Robins, Chaffinch, Greenfinch, Goldfinch and smaller nos of Siskin. 8 Bullfinch feeding in Decoy wood included 5 males, and a some decent tit flocks held some Goldcrest. The walk back produced the Barney flock (89) with that ‘Canada’ goose and 32 Greyslags in the fields around Heslop’s. 2 redhead Goosander picked up off Heslop’s early afternoon.

10th Nov 11:00-15:30

I wasn’t gonna go birding today, but after getting a report yday of a Bean Goose around Barmston, and thinking it could well drop in with the Mere geese i thought ‘fuck it’ i’m off ta Mere. Well that and the chance of a Sausage and Mushroom baguette at the butty shop. Got in 1st field around 11 to a light SE and pretty clear skies and decent visibility. A scan produced a Scaup off 1st field. Next up 2nd field where yday’s 2 Goosander where still off Heslop’s, 4 Little Grebe in with the Coots, and then a tidy looking Slav Grebe off 2nd field around buoy no.3. I watched the Slav for around 20 mins as it got over towards the hide on the other side. At this point i noticed a light mist settling on the Mere, then within about 20 minutes blanket fog, bastard. Whilst sitting it out waiting for the fog to lift a chopper went over low, booting up all the geese from the field just south of the 2nd field bank, seemed like more geese than yday so i got down to Heslop’s where they had all settled in, trawling thru the murk revealed no Bean Goose but 5 Eurasian White-fronts. A bit of quality and another Mere year tick. I got some pics but even by Merebirders standards they are truly shit.


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