Mere list

As promised when the blog was established mere birders are keen to collate a full species list for the mere. A couple of us have been watching the mere for over twenty years but know some of you have been even longer. So with the dark nights setting in and only gull roosts and wildfowl to scan through there will be more time to collate a full list. It will be easy enough to gather the recent scarce birds but any dragonflies, moths, butterflies etc would be appreciated. Any records of good mere birds like Hawfinch, lesser pecker etc would also be great. I have started collating some accepted records which are below but any records you think would be useful will be very much appreciated. Please email any records to
records already collated are:
1976 Glossy Ibis, Ivory Gull. 1977 white crowned sparrow, little bittern, lesser white front, crane, Long T skua, wwb tern, red rumped swallow. 1978 Ring necked duck, Long T skua, Gull billed tern. 1989 broad billed, alpine swift. 1990 broad billed, green winged teal. 1991 gull billed tern. 1992 Cattle egret. 1995 Humes warbler. 1996 collared prat. 1997 wwb tern, alpine swift. 1999 alpine swift. 2001 wwb tern. 2003 lesser scaup. 2004 wwb ten. 2005 lesser scaup. thanks


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