3rd/4th Nov

3rd Nov 10.00-14.30

A mild day with light SSE. A generally quiet day produced 4 Curlew south over the Mere, 19 Golden Plover, 1 Water Rail 1st field reed egde, 4 Bullfinch on the 2nd field bank with another 2 in the willows in Heslop’s. 2 Marsh Harrier over west end. 3 Pintail in Decoy were the only wildfowl in there, no sign of any Scaup or the Merganser from earlier in the week. The hedgerows around the west end produced 16 Redwing, 5 Song Thrush and good nos of Blackbirds, 8 Siskin over. Kingfisher also along the southside.

4th Nov 14.30-15.30ish

An afternoons birding was put on the skids, as the news of the Spurn Isabelline Wheatear come on the pager whilst i was down the west end. Yorkshire/2 day Izzy Wheatears are like rocking horse shit, so some Colin McCrae-esque driving was required, doin fuck all for fuel consumption and taking about 3000 miles worth of tread of the tyres in a scramble to Spurn, not getting there till just after half 4. I got the Izzy thru another guys scope, but the views were distant/pants in the fading light, i couldn’t id it so i’m not ticking it. Can’t get there tomorrow due to work. Must drive faster!


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