Pornsea Mere! 29th September

No birding was planned for the day, as aside from 3 belting late afternoon wader fests at Pat Haven earlier in the week the birding around the Mere has been pretty much pants. All that changed when the pager ripped into life 9.30ish with news that the Sandhill Crane was on its way south down the east coast from Northumberland. A call to Tony, and the plan was made to Viz-mig from 1st field at the Mere whilst waiting on news of the southbound Crane.

From the top of 1st field the only birds of note were the juv Hobby, an Adult and 2w Med Gull. At around 12.15 Tone scanning with bins then piped up “check out the lass walking thru the gate”.  I turned to view thru my scope and what i can only describe as a 5’11 Holly Valance lookalike wearing black high heels, skimpy denim hot pants and a top which basically didnt exist!! Walking with 2 seedy looking guys carrying some serious camera gear, straight past us and straight onto 2nd field shoreline. Fuckin ell a Porn shoot at the Mere. The news was quickly broadcast thru the Merebirders grapevine to other Merebirders, fly-by-nights, sex-cases and Yorkslisters!! Hence to say we where treat to a 70 minute photo session where we duly noted the finer points of the young lady’s coverts, remigies and ventral areas.

The show lasted till 13.30 by which time the Crane was now in Yorkshire, so we left the Mere and trekked north, sadly the news dried up as it approached Whitby, although we got as far as Ravenscar it just wasn’t meant to be. But thats birding, sometimes you see em sometimes you don’t, and sometimes you get a crackin pair of tits at the Mere. Good Times.

For a couple of videos of the shoot checkout the Yorkslister


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